Forage Yield Increased By Clearcutting And Site Preparation

Total forage yield (TFY) on a pine-hardwood forest site in east Texas was sampled before and I growing season after clearcutting (1972 and 1973), also I and 3 growing seasons after planting site preparation by burning, choping, or KG blading (1974 and 1976). Total forage yield was only 359 kg/ ha in the uncut forest, but 2217 kg/ ha after clearcutting. On control plots (no site preparation), TFY peaked in the first growing season after clearcutting with 2917 kg/ ha, but by 1976 decreased to 1983 kg/ ha. On burned plots, TFY peaked the first growing season after burning (3540 kg/ ha) and remained steady till 1976. On chopped plots, TFY rose from 3053 kg/ ha in 1974 to 3619 by 1976, and on KG-bladed plots from 2935 to 3774 kg/ha, because browse growth increased.

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