Comparison Of Rotenone And Electrofishing Population Estimates To Lake Draining

The results from cove rotenone sampling and electrofishing population estimates for largemouth bass (Micropterus sa!moides) were compared with the total largemouth bass populations obtained through draining of Sherwood Lake, a 67 ha impoundment in southeastern West Virginia. Rotenone samples over-estimated all size groups of largemouth bass (fingerling, intermediate and harvestable) both in number and weight. Electrofishing (Schnabel population estimates) more closely represented the numbers and weight of largemouth bass recovered at the lake draining. Schnabel estimates were 10,096 (7,870-14,07.9) while total draining produced 9,224 bass. Electrofishing standing crop was estimated at 151 fish/ ha and 8.3 kg/ ha while draining totals were 138 fish I ha and 9.9 kg! ha.

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