Attitudes Of Southern Industrial Foresters Toward Information And Education Programs

This study examined attitudes of southern industrial foresters toward the public, media and information and education (I&E) programs. Questionnaires consisting of demographic data, I&E attitude statements and ranking of I&E tasks were mailed to 896 industrial foresters in 6 southern states. Respondents were found to hold discernible attitudes on the need for I&E programs, implementation of such programs and their public image. Field foresters tended to be more favorable toward I&E implementation than staff/ administrative foresters. Both groups perceived a need for I&E as a result of public ignorance about forestry. Foresters felt their public image was incorrect but disagreed as to whether the image itself was good or bad. Those with I&E training appeared to be more media conscious, sympathetic to the public and knowledgeable of I&E than non-I&E trained foresters. Recommendations included forester I&E training and forester involvement in local, uncomplicated and monitored I&E programs.

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