A Technique For Controlling Weeds In Striped Bass Rearing Ponds

Simazine (2-chloro·4, 6-bis (ethylamino)-s - triazine) applied at a rate of 11.2 kg/ha as a preflooding treatment of striped bass (Morone saxatilisWalbaum) rearing ponds effectively controlled aquatic weed growth for periods of up to 172 days. In untreated ponds, weed species were dominant in 9 of 16 replications (56%). Where simazine at a rate of 11.2-14.0 kg/ha was applied to the pond bottom just before flooding, only 3 of 17 replicates (18%) supported nuisance aquatic plant species. Survival and growth of striped bass fry and fingerlings was as good or better in the treated ponds as in the untreated ones.

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