A Survey Of Trapping And Its Impact On the Wild Animal Resource

In spite ofthe fact that wild animal trapping has been an activity ofman since the dawn of civilization it has recently become the subject of heated and emotional controversy. This paper includes a brief history of the role that trapping has played in exploring and settling the wilderness areas ofAmerica. In addition, many ofthe present day problems and philosophies revolving around the capture of fur-bearing animals for profit are discussed. A summary of the Alabama Game and Fish Division's outlook on trapping- as a tool of wild animal management and protection is included, with some figures and statistics on furcatchers' license sales and trapping violations since 1919. The main point of view expressed in the paper is that fur-bearing animals are a natural resource that must be used and not wasted. Surplus animal populations have to be harvested in order to maintain a balance in today's delicate ecosystem.

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