A Practical Application Of Satellite Imagery To Wildlife Habitat Evaluation

Wildlife scientists have been challenged for many years with the need to de· velop cost effective t.echniques for evaluating wildlife habitat. This study sought to develop such a technique utilizing LANDSAT digital imagery. The criterion on which the analysis system was based was vegetative cover diversity (VCD). In order to assess the applicability of the results of the VCD index as a measure of habitat productivity, ground·generated veg.etative and faunal diversity data were collected and compared to the VCD index. Comparisons were made for 19 plots of 65 ha each. VCD correlated positively (P < 0.05) with both plant species diversity (PSD) and faunal species diversity (FSD) for the plots ov.eralJ. This analysis indicates that the use of computer manipulated J"ANDSAT digital data is a valid technique for evaluating wildlife habitat.

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