Holding Striped Bass Larvae In Cages Until Swim-Up

The need to suspend newly hatched striped bass (Marone saxatilis) larvae until swim-up prompted comparison of holding techniques. Fingerling returns were tabulated over a 3 yr period from fry held in aquaria vs. returns from fry held in Saran cages in rearing ponds. Mean production for a 3 yr period from ponds stocked with fry held in cages was better overall than other methods. The success of holding cages resulted in a substantial saving in manpower as constant care of fry was not needed. The cage holding method is only I of many facets of striped bass rearing and is only a contributing factor to high production, not a critical factor such as the quantity and quality of food available. This technique would apply to those situations where unsuitable temperature, turbidity or limited facilities make the tank or aquaria method impractical.

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