Estuarine Fishery Dynamics And Freshwater Inflow Fluctuations In The San Antonio Bay Systems, Texas

The quantity, quality, and timing of freshwater inflows to the San Antonio bay system are recognized as major factors in fishery production. A methodology has been developed using commercial fishery statistics and gaged inflow records to analyze the fishery dynamics and its relation to freshwater inflows from the contributing river basins. Statistical correlation analysis and assessment of "best" versus "worst" years of production were employed to evaluate the effects of year to year fluctuations in freshwater inflows. Although somewhat rudimentary, the results of the analyses are clear enough to be of practical value for future water resources planning and management. an inflow regime, with a monthly distribution of 1.48 x 10' total annual ha-m of freshwater, is presented that could meet the minimum sustaining requirements of the estuary's fisheries.

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