Summer Home Ranges and Movements of Bobcats in Bottomland Hardwoods of Southern Louisiana

An ecowgical study of the bobcat (Lynx rufus) was conducted in bottomland hardwood habitats in Louisiana over a 2-year period to evaluate movement and activity patterns. Six bobcats, trapped in spring and summer of 1973, were equipped with radio-transmitting collars and their movements subsequently.monitored with portable receiving equipment. Three adult male bobcats had an average minimum home range of 494.1 ha and 3 females limited their movements to an average of 97.1 ha. Diel movements averaged 4.4 km for males and 2.9 km for females, but straight line movement averaged only 2.2 and 1.3 km respectively. Monitored animals were crepuscular in their activities, becoming quiescent around noon and midnight. In bottomland hardwood habitat the mid successional seral stages were important in providing security and prey for bobcats.

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