Relationship Between Body Weight and Heart Girth in White·Tailed Deer from South Carolina

Relationships between heart girth and body weight were determined in 545 white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) killed in South Carolina during the period September 1965 to December 1966. Data for heart girth, total body weight, and "hog-dressed" weight were recorded for 102 male fawns. 127 female fawns. 113 adult males, and 203 adult females. Data for males and females were pooled. Prediction equations developed for hog-dressed weight. (W, lb.) based on heart girth, (H, in.) were: W = 3.9499H - 55.6158 (R' = 0.71) for fawns; and W = 5.6037H - 94.0982 (R' ~ 0.74) for adults. Prediction equations developed for total body weight were: W = 5.3003H - 74.1489 (R' = 0.69) for fawns; and W = 6.5520H -95.0128 (R' =0.74) for adults.

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