Methods and Techniques for Spawning and Rearing Spotted Seatrout in the Laboratory

Spotted seatrout were maintained in an indoor tank (6 x 3.3 x 1.5m). Temperature and light were adjusted to simulate the seasons. When the light regime equaled 15 hr light and 9 hr dark and the temperature was 26 C. the spotted seatrout began to spawn. They continued to spawn during each of 13 consecutive months for a total of 82 spawns. Eggs were collected from the filter box with glass beakers and placed in 74-liter aquaria. The eggs hatched after 18 hr. Newly hatched seatrout were fed rotifers (Brachionis plicatilisland brine shrimp (Artemia sp.). Descriptions and illustrations are provided of the tanks, aquaria, lighting equipment. collecting gear, and plumbing. Procedures and methods for collecting adults, for including them to spawn. for collecting the eggs, for rearing the larvae. and for growing food for the larvae are described in detail.

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