Estimation of Standing Crop of Fishes in the Predator-Stocking-Evaluation Reservoirs

The cove rotenone sample technique was used to estimate standing crop of fishes in the 23 reservoirs selected for the Predator Stocking Evaluation (PSE). Estimates ofadjusted standing crops were derived by expanding the observed standing crop of fish in a cove sample by compensation factors for incomplete recovery of fish in the sample and for different shoreline-open water distributional patterns of various fish species and size groups. Results of 138 rotenone samples indicated that the mean adjusted standing crop of fishes in the PSE reservoirs was 451.1 pounds per acre, an increase of 79 percent over unadjusted crop. Adjusted crop estimates of major taxa in pounds per acre were: Esox sp., 0.8; white bass, 3.7; striped bass, 0.6; black bass. 30.2; crappie, 17.8; walleye, 0.4; gars, 2.5; bowfin, 3.3; catfish. 39.2; clupeids, 148.3; minnows and silversides. 3.1; white perch and yellow bass. 1.1; sunfishes. 82.2; darters, 1. 7; yellow perch. 6.8; carp and goldfish, 43.1; catostomids. 48. 7; drum, 18.7. These data were utilized in other segments of the Predator Stocking Evaluation to establish correlations with environmental factors and to describe predator/prey relationships.

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