Characteristics of Mississippi Game Law Cooperatorsi

A self-administered questionnaire survey of 104 Mississippi game law cooperators (i.e. persons who report wildlife violations) was conducted in 1975. In addition, violation reports received from cooperators were analyzed. Generally, cooperators thought game law enforcement was "ineffective" but "fair," and that agents made "too few" arrests. Most cooperators felt "good" toward game laws but thought fines levied against violators were "too low. "All cooperators opposed violators. The majority of cooperators reported that "a lot" of violations occurred in their residence county. All cooperators were Caucasians, nine of every 10 were males, and ages were widely distributed. The most frequently cited occupation was industrial work. The majority of cooperators were homeowners living on a farm or in open country. The most frequently cited income level was $14,000 or more a year.

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