Angling Pressure and Sport Fish Harvest in The Predator-Stocking-Evaluation Reservoirs

Estimates of angling effort and sport fish harvest in 24 predator-stocking-evaluation reservoirs in 1972 and 1973 indicated mean annual angler-effort was 31.1 hours per acre and total harvest was 18.4 pounds per acre. Harvest-rate was 0.7 fish per hour or 0.6 pounds per hour. Average annual harvest of striped bass was 0.5 pounds per acre; walleye 0.3 pounds per acre. Striped bass harvest was positively related to dissolved solids content and water level fluctuation but negatively related to mean depth. Walleye harvest was positively related to mean depth and negatively to reservoir area. Establishment of significant fisheries for both striped bass and walleye in a single reservoir is improbable. No significant correlation was found between the harvests of stocked striped bass or walleye and the harvests of other sport fishes. Insofar as harvest data reflect production there is no evidence of competition between introduced and indigenous predators in the reservoirs sampled.

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