Telephone Survey of Dove Hunting in the Eastern Management Unit

A telephone survey of mourning dove hunting in the Eastern Management Unit covering eight seasons (1966-1973) was carried Ollt for the Southeastern Cooperative Dove Study. The sampling frame, the survey procedures, and the precision of the results are described, and certain comparisons are made with mail surveys. Of the 210,000 randomly selected households, approximately 85 percent were contacted and information on about 12,800 dove hunters was obtained. The number of dove hunters in Management Unit households having listed telephones, the Dumber of their trips and their harvest of doves were estimated with seasonal percentage standard errors ranging between 4.0 and 8.8. For the same number of persons contacted, a telephone survey of dove hunting seems to yield less precise estimates than does a mail survey based on license files, at least partly because only a small fraction of those households reached by telephone. include dove hunters.

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