Production of Hybrid (Blue X Channel) Catfish and Channel Catfish in Ponds

Hybrid (blue lctalurus furcatus x channel l. punctatus) channel catfish were grown separately at 3000/acre in 0.1-acre ponds for a growth period of 220 days. The average net yield was 3,752 pounds/acre for the hybrid catfish and 3,262 pounds/acre for the channel catfish. This difference was significant (P<0.0l with the hybrid catfish averaging 13.5 percent more pounds/acre than the channel catfish. When the two fish were compared in other commercially important aspects, the hybrid catfish was captured more easily by seining, more uniform in size, and had greater dressĀ·out percentage. The channel catfish was slightly lower in fat and moisture percentage. No significant diflerence (P<0.05) was noted between the two catfishes in survival or protein percentage.

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