Food Habits of Hybrid Buffalofish, Tilapia, Israeli Carp and Channel Catfish in Polyculture

Channel catfish were cultured alone, and in combination with Tilapia aurea, Israeli carp, and hybrid huffalofish in O.l-acre earthen ponds. Studies were conducted on the stomach contents ofthese species in May, July. and October. During the study the stomachs of 243 channel catfish, 17 adult hybrid buffalofish, 85 fingerling hybrid buffalofish, 157 tilapia, and 7 Israeli carp were examined. Supplemental feed comprised 87% ofthe channel catfish diet. 58% in the tilapia, 42% in the adult hybrid buffalofish, 56% in the hybrid bulfalofish fingerlings, and87% in the Israeli carp. Net yields ofchannel catfish were reduced with the polyculture combinations used.

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