The Establishment of Scirpus Olneyi Under Controlled Water Levels and Salinities

From January 1973 to September 1974, a study was conducted at Rockefeller Rehlge, Grand Chenier, Louisiana to determine the effects of irrigating Scirpus olneyi with various concentrations of salt water during drought periods. Scirpus olneyi was established in 12 one-tenth-acre impoundments and subjected to 6 water level and salinity treatments. Drying ponds for 1 and 3 months before the treatments were initiated had no measurable effects on culm density. The 20 ppl salinity treatments reduced culm density, but the 10 ppt salinity treatments and wet and dry controls had little or no effect on plant growth, The 6 experimental treatments had no effect on rhizome growth, Rhizome volume increased throughout the study.

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