Characteristics for Distinguishing White Bass, Striped Bass and Their Hybrid (Striped Bass x White Bass)

Previously reported meristics, made from small specimens of these fishes, were found to be inadequate for positive indentification; therefore, new methods and means of measurement were investigated. Measurements were taken from 214 white bass Marone chrysops (Raflnesque), 224 striped bass Marone saxatilis (Walbaum), and 204 hybrids (striped bass xwhite bass) from six upstate South Carolina reservoirs. The fish were from numerous year classes and both sexes. Specimens ranged in length from 127mm. to 889mm. and weighed from 23 grams to 8,172 grams. Fork length body depth and body depth head length ratios plus type of tooth patches on tongue indicate positive means of identification.

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