An 11-Year Summary of Fish Disease Cases at the Southeastern Cooperative Fish Disease Laboratory

An 11-year summary of fish disease case work at the Southeastern Cooperative Fish Disease Lahoratory is presented. A total of 1,573 cases were examined. Approximately 61 percent of these cases occurred in April through September with June having the greatest number. Viral cases, primarily channel catfish vims, were diagnosed from June through September. Bacterial organisms were diagnosed in 27 percent of the cases and were most prevalent from April through September. Aeromonas hydrophila or Flexibacter columnaris were involved in k2.2 percent of the hacterial cases. Parasitic cases were most prevalent in the spring and fall. Parasites were diagnosed in 25.2 percent of the cases. Of these, protozoa were involved in 59 percent with the dominant forms being; Ichthyophthirius and Trichodina.

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