The Use of Circular Tanks for Spawning Striped Bass (Marone Saxa Tills)

During the 1974 spawning season in Tennessee. 17 female striped bass were injected with chorionic gonadotropin and placed in circular tanks to spawn. One or more males, also injected with gonadotropin. were placed in 13 of the tanks with each female. In four of the tanks, treated white bass males (M. chrysops) were added in an attempt to produce hybrids. All 13 of the females, where there were no white bass, successfully spawned producing an estimated 19.3 million eggs. More than 11 million fry hatched. The four females in tanks containing white bass males ripened but had to be manually stripped. The tank spawning method requires considerably less handling and imposes much less stress on brood fish than the conventional hormone technique.

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