Thanite (Isobornyl Thiocyanoacetate) as an Aid for Live Collection of Fishes in Florida Ponds

Applications of 1.5 mg/l ofThanite were made in a 0.68-hectare hard-water pond and a 3.64-hectare soft-water pond in Florida. The 19 species of fishes collected alive represented the following families: Lepisosteidae; Anguillidae; Esocidae; Cyprinidae; Catostomidae; Ictaluridae; Aphredoderidae: Cyprinodontidae; Poeciliidae; Atherinidae; and Centrarchidae. The treatment was not effective for collecting bowfin (Amia calva), yellow bullheads (lelulurus natalis), or brown bullheads (I. nebulosus). Thanite eliminated all but 20 fish (0.4 percent) in the small pond and 100 (1.4 percent) in the large pond.

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