Progress with Moronehybrids in Fresh Water

A brief history of developments with Morone hybrids is given. Two of these fishes have shown potential as a supplemental sport fish for fresh water lakes and reservoirs. The original hybrid. white bass male X striped bass female. has provided substantial fisheries in the Southeast. Compared to striped bass, greater returns to sport fishermen, faster early growth. and higher survival has been documented. The threat of backcross deformities appears minimal at this time. The reciprocal hybrid, striped bass male X white bass female. was successfully cultured in 1973. Early findings have been encouraging, but data is incomplete for conclusive evaluation. First year growth varied between 12 and 14 inches, while average weights were higher than for striped bass of similar sizes. In general appearance, this hybrid resembles white bass. Life history aspects and culture methods for hybrid production are discussed.

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