Mortality Of Largemouth Bass for Two Tournaments Utilizing a "Don't Kill Your Catch" Program

A study of two bass tournaments was undertaken on Lakes Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend in March, 1974 to evaluate a "Don't Kill Your Catch" program initiated by the Bass Anglers Sportsmen's Society, Mortality offish held in live-wells or water tanks up to the point and just after "weigh-in" was determined. Delayed mortality was measured by taking a sample from the tournamentcaught bass and stocking them in hatchery ponds for 28 days. A treatment of Terramycin was given loa portion of these hatcheryheld fish to evaluate its use for improving survival of the fish. Tolal mortality of fish taken in both tournaments was considered low (32 per cent of the harvested fish). Tournament fish stocked in hatchery ponds and treated with Terramycin had similar survival rates to those of stocked untreated fishes.

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