Factors Affecting the Vertical Distribution of White Crappie (Pomoxis Annularisj in Two Oklahoma Reservoirs

Mean depth of capture of the white crappie in horizontal, bottom set gill nets in Arbuckle Reservoir in 1973 was not statistically different from that in this reservoir in 1974, or from that in Eufaula Reservoir (determined by collection in vertical gill nets) in 1968. The white crappie depth distribution was generally similar in these two reservoirs, and there was a seasonal cycle of distribution related primarily to changes in temperature and dissolved oxygen. Lake Arbuckle was acutely stratified by midsummer of both years, Stratification in this reservoir appeared to force white crappie into the thermocline but anoxic conditions excluded them from the hypolimnion. In Eufaula Reservoir, white crappie were distributed deeper when surface temperatures increased but their depth distribution was not limited by anoxic water. White crappie were found nearer the surface in the fall when surface water cooled.

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