Study on the Survival of Tournament Released Bass on Ross R. Barnett Reservoir, April 1973

The survival of bass (Micropterus spp.) caught and released during the Rebel Invitational B.A.S.S. Tournament on Ross R. Barnett Reservoir, Mississippi, April 4-6, 1973 was studied. Two different techniques for handling the bass prior to release were evaluated. A total of 1,863 bass were caught by 159 fishermen during the tournament. Of these, 197 (10.57%) were judged to be dead at the weigh-in. The remaining 1,666 bass were randomly divided into two groups for treatment or non-treatment. A total of 830 bass were injected IP with oxytetracycline and marked prior to release into a 0.8 hectare blocked-off area. The 836 non-treated bass were handled in the same manner except they were not injected or marked prior to release into the study area. A significantly higher number of treated bass (96.99%) survived the 19 day study period than did the non-treated bass (91.63%). It was observed that four interrelated factors play a role in determining survival rate of tournament released bass.

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