Growing Channel Catfish, Ictalurus Punctatus (Rafinesque), in Raceways

Techniques were investigated for growing channel catfish, lctalurus punctatus (Rafinesque), from fingerlings to harvestable size fish during the summer months in a recirculation, flowing water fish culture system in South Georgia. When stocked at a density of 2,000 fingerlings per 100 ft raceway unit, mean production was more than 2,400 Ib per unit with a feed conversion ratio of 1.28 to 1. Survival of the fish was 98.1 %. Successful culture of 2,400 fish in one unit indicated that the carrying capacity of the raceways used in this study was greater than 2,000 fish. There was a gradual deterioration of water quality as it flowed through the raceways but, none of the water quality parameters measured were considered detrimental to the fish. Infestations of Cleidodiscus. Scyphidia and Trichodina were controlled by adding formalin to the water in the raceways at the rate of 30 ppm with the water flow stopped for 1 hr.

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