Food Habits of White Amur, Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, and Redear Sunfish Receiving Supplemental Feed

White amur effectively controlled dense growths of Mougeotia, Zygnema, and Eleocharis, when introduced into a pond containing a supplementally fed largemouth bass-bluegill-redear population. Analysis of stomach contents showed that white amur preferred plant foods (88% by volume), and probably ingested a few insects and crustaceans while "grazing" on plant materials. Largemouth bass preferred fish and other animals (64%), but also ate some supplemental feed (32%). Bluegill stomachs contained more supplemental feed (44%) than any other item, followed by insects and animal parts (28%), and plant parts (17%). Redears seemed to prefer insect larvae (42%), but also ate plant material (38%). White amur apparently did not compete with the sunfishes for either natural or supplementary food items.

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