Armadillo Depredanon of "Dummy" Bobwhite Quail Nests in Southwest Alabama

To explore the potential of armadillos as bobwhite quail nest predators, 75 "dummy" quail nests, containing four to six eggs each, were constructed in an area of recent armadillo activity in Clarke County, Alabama during June and July of 1973. During 300 nest nights, armadillos accounted for 25 of 96 destroyed nests. Seventeen other nests contained armadillo signs, but the eggs were not broken. Eighteen of the 25 destroyed nests were located in one small area which might indicate that one armadillo was responsible for most of the nests being destroyed. One armadillo was observed eating eggs from two of the nests in this area of high nest mortality. In all probability, armadillos will be of little importance as nest predators, but individuals within a population may feed on quail eggs.

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