Variations In Fat Levels Of Mandibular Cavity Tissue In White-Tail Deer (Odocoileus Virginianus) In Tennessee

Age, sex, and date of collection were found to affect fat levels of mandibular cavity tissue (MCT). Percent MCT fat increased from the fawn age class up to and including the 3!J;, age class. Percent MCT fat remained relatively stable in all age classes above 3!J;, years. Females were found to have a percent MCT fat that was higher than the percent MCT fat of males. Fat in the tissue of the mandibular cavity increased during the months of October, November, and early December, and decreased in late December and early January. Mean MCT fat levels of whitetail deer on four wildlife management areas (WMA) were found to be closely grouped and high. The deer herd on the Natchez Trace WMA had a MCT fat level that was lower than the MCT fat levels of the other areas.

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