A Telemetric Study Of Adult Male Alligators On Rockefeller Refuge, Louisiana

A telemetric study was conducted on adult male alligators [Alligator mississippiensis (Daudin)] on Rockefeller Refuge from April 14, 1971 through March 18, 1972. Fourteen alligators were captured, tagged, marked for identification purposes, outfitted with color coded neck-collar radio transmitters, and released at their respective capture sites. A directional receiving unit was used to follow their daily movements. The size of the animals ranged from 8'3" to 10'5.5". Minimum home range sizes and habitat preferences were determined for eleven of the alligators under investigation. Radio signals were not detected d uring the majority of the winter dormancy period which extended from the end of December through mid-February. The longest movement recorded was 33 airline miles from the capture site.

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