Those of us who live and work in the southeastern part of the United States, who love nature and the great out-of-doors, are the most fortunate people in the world. Within the area that makes up this association may be found the most infinite variety of out-door recreation. There are rugged mountains with cold swift, tumbling rivers and streams gentle rolling land with quiet valleys and slow meandering streams, and flat, level lands with swamps and marshes. Natural and man-made lakes in addition to the free-flowing rivers make this area unique for water-oriented activitv. We can hunt for deer, bear, b~ar, turkey, grouse and numerous small game species. We can fish for trout, muskellunge, walleyed pike and a great variety of warm water species native to each region. We can swim, ski and enjoy boating on some of the cleanest, most beautiful lakes to be found. We can camp, picnic, hike and enjoy nature on federal and state parks, federal and state forests, Tennessee Valley Authority, Corps of Engineers and other public lands in addition to the numerous private facilities. The Game and Fish agency in each state maintains wildlife refuges and wildlife management areas where all wildlife is managed and protected. Yet, with all these things, almost daily I read in a book, a newspaper or magazine, hear on the radio or see on television that the air, lakes and streams are polluted and in the near future will not be suitable for human needs-that most desirable wild birds, fish and animals are nearing the point of extinction, and that future generations will not have an opportunity to hunt and fish and enjoy nature as we have-that woods and fields are being destroyed to make way for shopping centers, highways and subdivisions which will eventually not only eliminate all wildlife, but deplete the air of the oxygen necessary to sustain human life--that at the rate the human population is increasing there will not be enough space on earth to accommodate the people, to say nothing of the wild birds and animals. To these prophets of doom, I say, you are wrong-YOU ARE WRONG! Sure, we have pollution--sure, we have changing habitats for wildlife-sure, we have a population explosion, but just as surely, we have intelligent men and women working on each of these problems. As the pendulum swings in the direction of a particular need, or a particular problem, the human mind-the greatest thing in all creation~ begins to function and a solution is forthcoming. With the power of rational thought, man will gain the wisdom to control his environment. The history of man is a continuing story of thinking and learning, profiting by mistakes, solving problems and making improvements. In his comparatively short history, man has transformed and will continue to transform the world to fit his needs.

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