The Potential Of Computer Analysis Of Enforcement Effort

By breaking up and assembling enforcement information into useful relationships. we can examine its contents and make logical conclusions. To do this, we need assistance because the human brain is very limited in its capacity to breakup. sort and assemble large amounts of information. The human mind is also influenced by personal opinions and is inclined to become confused by unrelated side issues. Therefore. we need a device to assist us which does not have these human faults. That device is the computer. The computer meets this criteria because it can quickly break-up and store vast amounts of information. It is not capable of thinking, therefore, it is not capable of becoming confused. It is an electronic and mechanical device which will only do what it is told to do. Because of this, it is the ideal tool to use in analyzing information; and when properly used, more beneficial to the enforcement chief than a Jeep full of Game Wardens.

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