The Effect Of Temperature On Food Evacuation Rate In The Pinfish (Lagodon Rhomboides), Spot (Leiostomus Xanthurus) And Silverside (Menidia Menidia)

Alimentary tract evacuation was stqdied by the serial slaughter method after a single unrestricted feeding on commercial pelletized food. Digestion rate was measured at 6, 12, 18, 24, and 30 C. At the lower temperatures there was a "latent" period immediately following ingestion during which the content of the stomach or alimentary tract did not decline. After adjustment for the "latent" period and logarithmic conversion of the amount of food present, evacuation rates were described by double logarithmic regressions which showed time for complete evacuation as a function of temperature and amount of food. Evacuation rates were also measured at25 C for natural food consumed by each species and were similar to the rates using artificial food.

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