Toxicity Of Various Off-Shore Crude Oils And Dispersants To Marine And Estuarine Shrimp

The acute effects of four crude oils and two oil spill removers on four species of marine shrimp (Penaeus setiferus, P. aztecus, Palaemonetes vulgaris, and P. pugio) were determined. Results of 48-hour bioassays showed that distinctive differences in toxicity existed between crude oils from different areas with all shrimp tested. The oil spill removers were much more toxic than the crude oils. Addition of the oil spill removers to all crude oils at recommended application ratios increased the toxicity of both the crude oils and the oil spill removers, indicating a synergistic effect. The Palaemonetes species appeared more tolerant to all toxicants. Evidence indicates that the most serious effects of oil pollution would be noted in the shallower areas where high concentrations of toxic compounds may build up.

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