Preliminary Fecundity Studies Of The Hybrid (Striped Bass X White Bass) In Two South Carolina Reservoirs

The ovaries of 28 mature female hybrids, striped bass Morone saxatilis (Walbaum) X white bass Morone chrysops (Rafinesque) from Lakes Hartwell and Clark Hill were utilized in determining fecundity in this oviparous species. These data were collected from all year classes present that were sexually mature, which included year classes I, II, and III. No females of year class 0 were captured during these studies. Many hybrid males one year of age were caught at the spawning grounds and specimens as small as 269 mm in total length appeared to be sexually mature. Female hybrids as small as 409 mm in total length and some weighing as little as 917 grams were found to be sexually mature. Mean ova production although increasing in direct proportion to age, total length and body weight remained rather constant as to average number of eggs per pound of body weight. Total ova production ranged from a minimum of 185,000 in a 2.9 pound two year old fish to a maximum of 1,152,000 in a 6.3 pound four year old specimen. Mean number of eggs per pound of body weight from all 28 hybrids was 160,000.

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