Polyculture Studies With Blue, White And Channel Catfish In Brackish Water Ponds

This paper includes a discussion of a catfish polyculture experiment conducted in brackish water ponds at the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge, Grand Chenier, Louisiana. Ponds containing channel catfish (1ctaluTUs punctatus) only served as controls and were compared to other ponds containing various stocking ratios of blue (1. furcatus) , channel and white catfish (I. catus) to determine if production could be increased. Length-weight relationships, coefficients of condition, food conversions, survival and growth data were compared in an analysis of the various stocking combinations. These data supported by that of past studies demonstrated that channel catfish grown under monoculture conditions exhibited the best survival, food conversion, coefficient of condition and growth. It is also stressed that we believe the culture of mixed species to be nearing practicality and may be a future requirement in order to realize additional profits from fish farming operations. New species and stocking ratios should be explored to obtain maximum yields.

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