A New Method For Capturing Alligators Using Electricity

A study was initiated on Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge in order to investigate the possibility of using an electrical current as an aid in capturing alligators. A modified 110-220 volts-A.C. fish shocking unit and a 110-220 volts-D.C. pulsating unit were used in this study. Best results were obtained with the 110-220 volts-D.C. pulsating unit. This method is limited to areas of low water salinity and best results were obtained when the animal was partially exposed and the unit could be applied directly. Mortality occurred where alligators were repeatedly shocked and also if the prod was applied to the under surface of the stomach. The best results were obtained by applying the shock to the side of the neck just anterior to the front legs. Alligators were completely immobilized for approximately 15-25 minutes. Field test were limited as the unit was found to be greatly affected by salinity.

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