New Design For A Large Portable Mammal Trap

Inaccessibility of efficient trapping sites for the European wild hog (Sus scrofa) stimulated the design and use of a portable live trap. Materials for several traps can be transported at one time in a pickup truck and the trap can be assembled by one person in less than 15 minutes. Relatively low cost and convertibility into a larger multi-capture trap are other attributes. A research project involving the live capture of European wild hogs (Sus scrofa) prompted the design and construction of a more portable live trap for this species. Prior to development of this trap, rigid and more stationary traps of the same general appearance were used (Matschke, 1962). Due to the seasonal and altitudinal movements of wild hogs the frequent relocation of traps to new trap sites is necessary for maintenance of trapping success. However, movement and proper placement of large rigid traps were limited to areas readily accessible by means of a pickup truck. Only one trap could be transported at a time. Movement of traps from the vehicle to good trap sites was limited by the size, weight, and general bulk of the trap as well as the rugged terrain of the East Tennessee mountains. The ability to place live traps in good trap sites and away from potential human interference is an important aspect of the success of any project requiring the live-trapping of mammals. Appreciation is expressed to personnel of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for encouragement and suggestions regarding the design and construction of this trap.

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