Foreign Game Bird Stockings And Results In Virginia

In order to determine the status of the Foreign Game Investigation Program in Virginia, an evaluation of releases was begun in 1969 and completed in 1971. All foreign game releases made between September 1958 and June 1969 were checked by District Biologists in 1969-70 fiscal year and a report completed which included species, sex and numbers of birds released; if birds still remained in area or when last seen; whether young were observed during 1969; distance birds moved; estimated numbers in area and limiting factors known to exist in the area. These reports were sent to the author for compilation of the data. Eight species of pheasants, the Black Francolin and French Redleg partridge were received from various sources, reproduced and releases made. Some species of pheasants were cross-bred and the hybrid birds released. Crosses of the Western Iranian blackneck (Phasianus colchicus Talischensis) and Chinese ringneck (P. c. torquatus) have been produced in greatest numbers and appear to have become established in two areas. The Eastern Iranian blackneck (P. c. persicus) crossed with the Chinese ringneck (P. c. torquatus) show promise in the Northern section of Virginia. The pure Japanese green pheasants (P. versicolor robustipes) have increased in numbers in Tidewater Virginia since their introduction in 1960. The study indicates that the other species introduced have not adapted to any areas in Virginia.

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