Spawning Behavior, Age And Growth, And Sport Fishery For The Silver Redhorse, Moxostoma Anisurum (Rafinesque), In The Flint River, Alabama

Spawning behavior, age and growth, and sport fishery for the silver redhorse, Moxosloma anisurum (Rafinesque), in the Flint River, Madison County, Alabama, were studied in 1969 and 1970. Spawning silver redhorse were first observed on April I, 1969, and April 8, 1970, at a water temperature of I 4.4° C. (58° F.) Females appeared to mature between the sixth and seventh year at a length of 548-600 mm. Males appeared to mature at 510-530 mm., but most seemed to mature at the same age. Growth of males and females was approximately the same until age group VI. After this age, males grew slower than females. Mature specimens moved into Flint River from Wheeler Reservoir to spawn during February through April. Immature silver redhorse returned to Wheeler Reservoir where they remained until sexually mature. The most important fishery on the Flint River during early spring is for silver redhorse.

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