Preliminary Studies Of Certain Aspects Of The Life History Of The Hybrid (Striped Bass X White Bass) In Two South Carolina Reservoirs

From 1967 through the spring of 1970 Lakes Hartwell and Clark Hill on the upper Savannah River between Georgia and South Carolina have been stocked with the striped bass Roccus saxatilis (Walbaum) X white bass, Roccus chrysops (RaFinesque) hybrids. A total of 30,000 fingerlings and 26,120,000 fry have thus far been introduced. Approximately 130 hybrids were captured during a one year period (196970) of which 87 were examined for age, growth rate, food habits and meristic characters. The average total lengths for three year classes were 12.6, 17.2 and 20.2 inches respectively and maximum weights were 3.7 pounds and 5.9 pounds for year class one and two respectively. These lengths and weights compare favorably with findings in Tennessee, Bishop (1967) and, as in Tennessee, were greater than reported in Virginia (1969) - (Howard Kerby, personal communication). Stomach contents of specimens examined indicated a definite preference for threadfin shad. Meristic characters as described by Bayless (1967) held up in all cases and, of the 130 hybrids observed, all but one exhibited the chain-like broken line effect. Spawning migration is apparent in the spring when the water temperature reaches 50°F. This isjust prior to white bass migration with females apparently running earlier than males.

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