Influence Of Temperature And Photoperiod On Growth, Food Consumption And Food Conversion Efficiency Of Channel Catfish

A total of 275 channel catfish, measuring on the average of 21.4 mm in total length were raised in the laboratory for 120 days under controlled temperatures of 26,28, and 32 C with lO-hr and 14-hr photoperiods. Data on growth, f09d consumption, food conversion efficiency, and water quality were collected at IS-day intervals. Analysis of length-weight relationship showed that the experimental conditions had no effect on body shape. The fish under 28C-IOL had slow growth in length throughout the study period. Variations in food consumption and food conversion efficiency in IS-day intervals were discussed. Average food consumption and food conversion efficiency for the entire study period were discussed in relation to temperature-photoperiod combinations. The fish at 28 and 32 C consumed more food under IO-hr than under 14-hr light conditions. There was a direct relationship between photoperiod and food conversion efficiency for the fish at all the three temperatures. Based on overall evaluation of growth, food consumption, food conversion efficiency, water quality, and mortalities, it was concluded that the optimum condition for raising channel catfish was at 32 C under a 14-hr photoperiod.

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