Fish Production In Arkansas During 1969 As Compared To Other States

Economic returns from the commercial production of fish in Arkansas during 1969 were approximately double those of 1966. Acreages devoted to the culture of golden shiners and channel catfish in Arkansas showed major increases. The cash return from shiners was up 60 percent, and that from catfish increased almost fourfold. The overall return to Arkansas from all fish culture exceeded $17 million, whereas the nationwide return from baitfishes and catfish alone was nearly $35 million. Data collected from Arkansas fish farmers was analyzed with the aid of automatic data processing and are reported in the categories of Foodfish, Baitfish, Fingerlings, and Fee Fishing. Acreages, production, and dollar values of each category are presented. In Arkansas, golden shiners are the leading species in terms of acreage and dollar production. Channel catfish for foodfish rank a close second in dollar value. Fingerling production has become a major industry in the state, exceeeding $2 million in 1969. As in 1966, the sale of sportfish represented a negligible portion of Arkansas production.

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