Chufa Tuber Production And Its Relationship To Waterfowl Management On Catahoula Lake, Louisiana

As a waterfourl wintering area, Catahoula Lake, is of national significance and one of the most important natural wintering areas in the Nation. It is the key to waterfowl abundance and hunting success in Central Louisiana. Chufa, (Cyperus esculentus) is one of the principal waterfowl foods on Catahoula Lake. A study was conducted to determine chufa tuber production on the Lake for a five year period. A total of 96 ground samples were taken each year from a series of exclosures and exposed plots. Chufa production per acre is given. Chufa tuber production is compared in exclosures and exposed plots. Comparisons of tuber production on the open lake bed zone and under the tree canopy zone are made.

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