Status Of A Free Flying, Resident Flock Of Canada Geese (Branta Canadensis) In Tennessee

A free flying, resident flock of Canada geese (Bl'anta canadensis) has been successfully established in Middle Tennessee. The flock is now composed of over 400 geese. It was initiated in the late 1950's by a private citizen via the release of three or four pair of game farm origin birds on a 1,200 acre estate. This improved pasture type farm, which has several large ponds, is typical of much of the agricultural land usage in Middle Tennessee. The goose population has increased, thus filling available nesting habitat on the original estate and has since expanded to nearby Old Hickory Reservoir. The Tennessee Game and Fish Commission has conducted production, mortality, and banding studies on the flock since 1966. The initial success of this nesting population indicates that the local flock concept has merit for establishment of Canada geese in the Southeast.

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