Preliminary Experiment On The Culture Of Red Swamp Crawfish, Procambarus Clarki, In Brackish Water Ponds

This paper reports upon brackish water impoundment studies conducted in the coastal marshes of Southwest Louisiana with a valued Louisiana delicacy, the red swamp crawfish, Procambarus clarki. Survival, growth and reproduction were recorded in an attempt to better evaluate the potential of Louisiana's brackish coastal areas for crawfish culture. The initial field experiments were begun in 1967, with the stocking and management of an experimental 5.6 acre pond at the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge using the commonly accepted management techniques. Crawfish samples were taken and recorded from the study area throughout the season. Records were maintained of water pH, temperature and salinity. Soil and water analyses were made prior to draining in 1969. Vegetation types were identified and recorded before inundation and approximately two weeks after draining in an effort to determine the types of food and cover available. The results of this study proved very promising for the crawfish farming potential of thousands of acres of our less saline coastal wetlands.

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