Pool Fluctuation In Corps Impoundments In Relation To Fish Spawning

Each spring and early summer the Corps of Engineers and the associated conservation agencies of the various states work together to program and operate the Corps' reservoir levels so that a minimal alteration of environment will occur during the spawning period of game fish in these reservoirs. The demands of flood control, navigation, hydro-electric power and fisheries resources must be coordinated to produce a condition in which these varied interests are working together to produce the required results to the benefit of all. Communications between all involved agencies during the time of gamefish spawning, and notification of operational procedures is the major contributor to failure or success at this time. Public awareness of the problems involved as well as the action being taken by all agencies decreases the usual rash of complaints against both the conservation agencies and the Corps of Engineers. In spite of coordinated efforts, this reservoir level manipulation has not been proven to have either a beneficial or detrimental effect on the fisheries resources. In areas where such activities have taken place desirable fish populations have continued to increase and maintain high populations. This correlation between the fish populations and intensive water level management is such however, that it will be continued until proven to have no effect. The high fishing effort-catch ratio is such that it would not be prudent to alter the present system of management and in any way jeopardize the success of the fishermen utilizing these areas.

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