Fishing Success For Channel Catfish And White Catfish In Ponds With Daily Feeding

Channel and white catfish fingerlings, stocked in ponds with largemouth bass at densities of 2,000 to 3,000 catfish per acre separately or in combination and given daily feeding have continued to provide excellent sport fishing. Four-inch fingerling catfish stocked by February and given supplemental feeding at rates of 2 to 3 percent body weight daily reached harvestable size of 0.7 lb. by October at which time the ponds were opened to fishing. Harvest by fishermen in ponds stocked with 2,000 catfish per acre ranged up to 1,292 pounds catfish per acre during a 12-month period following initial opening. When 7-11 inch channel catfish fingerlings were stock by February at the rate of 3,000 per acre, along with largemouth bass, the catfish reached 0.7 pound average weight by August. During the periods August 1 to October 25 and March 15 to September 7, 1,096 fishermen caught 2,655 pounds catfish per acre. Agitators run in ponds from spring to fall increased oxygen concentrations and allowed heavier stocking densities and feeding rates without any fish kills. In one pond where 5,000 catfish fingerlings were stocked per acre and given daily feeding the catch reached 2,938 pounds catfish per acre in a 12-month period of fishing.

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