Changes In The Ichthyofauna In The Beaver Reservoir Tailwaters

Collections of the fishes in the tailwaters of Beaver Reservoir were made during the spring and summer of 1968. The present study is a continuation of an investigation designed to follow the development of the ichthyofauna in the cold tailwaters below Beaver Dam, Arkansas. A total of 527 fishes representing 21 species, 12 genera, and 7 families has been identified. Eight species collected in 1968 were not reported by Brown, et al. (1967) and 7 species reported in the 1967 publication were not collected in this study. Campostoma anoma/um was still the most abundant cyprinid collected and darters were also abundant. In the 1968 study more species of centrarchids were collected than previously reported. Both Sa/mo trutta and Sa/mo gairdneri are now present in the tailwaters of Beaver Dam.

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